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Skyline E-Communication

Oct 28 , 2001



FIRST TUESDAYS - Sectionals, 6:30 pm

THIRD TUESDAYS - Front Row, 6-7 pm




- SHOW TICKETS and flyers will be here. Bring your $$ or credit cards. Letís see those things flying out the door! More detailed info follows in this ecomm.

- We need to have The Christmas Song OFF PAPER.

- Weíll be relearning Hannuka Medley and working choreo. Remember, we have the show in Pueblo in 2 weeks, so we need to get that choreo fine tuned!

- FRONT ROW, if you can be there early, thereíll be an optional R&B.

- Please bring your WHITE GLOVES to rehearsal so we can practice with them.


URGENT MESSAGE ABOUT ADS FOR SHOW PROGRAM: New ads for the Holiday Show must be in no later than Nov. 6. If you sold a double ad for fall show/holiday show, you donít have to do a thing unless you want the copy changed. But if you have changes or new ads please bring the information THIS TUESDAY NIGHT. Even if you donít have the money yet for any ads you have sold, get the ad copy to Sharon Spalding or Lynda Cromar and weíll collect later. The program must get to the printers in the next couple of weeks so everything has been moved into fast forward mode. Ads prices are $200/cover; $150 full page; $75 half page; $40 quarter page, $25 business card. Contact Sharon Spalding with any information. 303.986.6371,



- DUES are an obligation. They must be paid monthly or in advance! If you have a problem, talk to Lurlene to work something out. Donít just not pay them - let her know whatís going on! International events tickets have gone up to $90, so weíve had to meet that very large expense this month. We need your dues to meet our other budgeted expenses - like rent.

- If you are taking a LEAVE OF ABSENSE, notify your Communications Manager Cathy Stevens. Remember, if you take leave you must pay advance dues through the time of your leave.

- ACT PROMPTLY on PAPERWORK issues - like signing the performance sheets, turning in forms, etc. Any forms you are given have had chorus funds expended in copying and printing, and chorus member time involved in getting them to you. Please respect that time and money and donít make people chase you down or make extra copies of forms youíve lost.


~ Cathy Stevens reports she put too high a price on the EXTRA ROSTERS. They are only $1.

~ We will be having a SILENT AUCTION and BAKE SALE with the Holiday Show. This can be a big BIG fundraiser for us, so please start planning your contributions now.

~ From Julie Bailey: "The cook book fundraiser is underway! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Don't miss out! See Kelly Cowan, Deanna Zerr or Julie Bailey to pick up recipe blanks or to hand in your neatly-printed form. Your recipe need not have a clever title, as in "Sweet Georgia Brownies," but feel free to connect a song title or quartet name to any ordinary recipe. If each member submits just ONE recipe, we'll have nearly 150 recipes for starters. You may submit up to FIVE! And that will make the book even better! You were already beginning to plan your culinary masterpieces for the holidays, so don't forget our cookbook. Deadline for submission is November 6. We can earn anywhere from $2000 to $7000, depending on our own enthusiasm! A portion of the proceeds will be given to Young Women in Harmony for 2 very good reasons: 1) it's such a worthy philanthropy! and 2) doing so empowers us to increase our sales across and beyond Region 8. So. . . $2000 or $7000. . . the choice is yours!" For those of our members and former members living far away now (like you, Jeanne and Tina), please email us some of your recipes. Weíd love to have them.

~ FREE CLASSES. Because Skyline is a silver member of the Denver CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, our members can attend their classes and workshops free! Some of the ones you can sign up for are The Secret of Making a Profit, Nov 1; Start-Up Orientation (How to Start a Business), Nov 6; Buiness Planning, Nov 8; Rethinking the Sales Process, Nov 20; and Tax 101 for Small Business Owners, Nov 21. You must make reservations for the classes. For details, pick up a copy of the Chamber newsletter, Business Matters, on the front table or ask our Chamber Rep, Sharon Spalding.

~ Arapahoe Community College is working with the menís chorus and Skyline to offer a class in barbershop to their students for college credit! If youíd like to help with this exciting project, please contact Rebecca Richards,


~Lindsey Graham, cell (720)935-6571

~Gloria Lasater,

Region 8:


ADS: (aka income for Skyline)

Wanted: a tenor and a bass. Experienced quartet lead (has competed 11 times at the regional level, high score 515) is looking for a bass and a tenor who would like to compete in the 2002 quartet competition. Please contact Pam Anders ( or 719-527-1826) or Sallie Adams or 719-531-9501 if you are interested. Thanks.

Whenever a Skyline member buys or sells a home through me, I will contribute 20% of my commission to Skyline. (That is $1200 toward our chorus from an average commission of $6000.) Thank you for considering me for your Real Estate needs. Therese Bickford, Metro Brokers, 303.883.2498.

Michelle Barnes is still searching for full-time employment in the communications/marketing field. If you have any job leads or would like a copy of her resume, please contact her at 303-671-6654 or Thanks!!!

Pam Howell has 4 aprons for sale. Dolly Baker from Centennial Blend made them. They have 2 deep pockets and 1 shallower one and they tie around your waist. She will have them @ rehearsals. Cost? Yes, $5; HOWEVER, any amount over $5 that you pay will stay will be given to Skyline.

Highpoint Furnishings clearance/sample sale. I have some very fine furniture in my showroom that has to go at wholesale before the end of the month. Call Danette Kientz for more info. 303-662-0253, or you can call me at home, I'm in the roster.




Remember that TICKETS will be available for "checkout/purchase" starting this week at rehearsal. Bring cash, check, or credit card (Visa or Mastercard ONLY) You will have only five weeks to place ticket orders.

If you choose to use a credit card you need to make it clear if you want the charge run through immediately or if you want it held until you can sell the tickets and turn in cash. You will be asked to fill out a credit card form, which should guarantee that information is correct. All unused tickets must be turned back and your account settled PRIOR to performance day. If there is a scheduled dress rehearsal, you can have until that time; if not, please be prepared to handle this at the Tuesday (11/27) rehearsal. There will be no exceptions to this so PLEASE be mindful of the policy. I will remind you throughout the month.

Ticket prices: $9.00 Seniors (those 60 & older) *this is a change

$9.00 Children (12 and under)

$15.00 General Admission (both performances)

$20.00 Reserved (evening only)

Chorus contacts for the individual sections are:

LEAD: Gail Madison, Jenifer Vaughn & Diane Aarnaes

TENOR: Jeanne Schamel

BASS: Diane Kessel & Sue Gilbert

BARITONE: Therese Bickford

The plan is to distribute the tickets by section. I hope this will prove to be more manageable for the above volunteers, as well as for all chorus members. These ladies have all agreed to be available either before or after rehearsals for 30 minutes, depending on their individual schedules. Check with your section contact. All new members make yourselves known, just in case you didn't get listed in our new roster!

Our show will again be called "SOUNDS OF THE SEASON" with two performances (2:00 & 7:00) on Saturday, December 1, at South High School. Information will be printed on the tickets. I will be looking for volunteers to man the ticket table (2/performance) one person to handle "will call", and a couple of husbands to "guard" the reserved section that evening. Talk to me!!




Nov 3 Work day - Bag nut orders - noon until finished - at Sue Gilbertís house

Nov 11 Performance in Pueblo

Nov 16-17 Regional Part Harmony workshop

Dec 1 Skyline Holiday Show

Dec 4 Skyline Holiday Party

~Dec 25 Dark Night (no rehearsal)

~Jan 1 Dark Night (no rehearsal)

Jan 11-12 HOW (regional work-shop in Denver)

Jan 13 Coaching with Jim and Renee, 9-4

Jan 29 Coaching with Renee Norcross

Feb 16 Coaching with Marge Bailey, 9-4

March 22-23 Regional contest

July 17-21 IES

Aug 16-17 RMRU, Estes Park

Sept 21 Coaching with Tori Postma


2003 Regionals - Skyline will host



--SIGN-UP Sheet for PUEBLO PERFORMANCE is on the front table. If you canít come, please draw a line through your name. If you can come, please initial by your name so we know youíve seen the sign-up sheet.

--If you canít help prepare the NUT ORDERS on Nov 3, please BRING A SCALE TO REHEARSAL THIS TUESDAY if you have one. The weight watcher scales are usually too small. Baby scales are good. Please loan it to Carol Machier and be sure your name is on it. Thanks!

--Joyce Steger is collecting pink tops of yogurts for breast cancer.

--MUSIC for the Dec 1st HOLIDAY SHOW will be: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Sleigh Ride, Let It Snow, Silent Night/Night of Silence, Hanukkah Medley, Jingle Bell Rock, 12 Days After Christmas, Peace Peace, The Christmas Song, and maybe 10 Feet Off The Ground.

--DEADLINE FOR E-COMM items: noon Fridays.

--BRING completed chorus interest SURVEYS to Gail Barr

--Bring $$ for grocery certificates (Doris Hastie) and ;or learning tapes/CDs (Lynda Cromar)

INTEREST SURVEYS: Will new members and the following people please fill out an interest survey (on the table in the hall at rehearsal) and return it to Gail Barr. If you have already done so but your name is on this list anyway, please proceed to Gail, slap her upside the head and say "Hey! You musta lost mine!"

Diane Aarnaes, LaVone Adams, Nancy Avalon, Julie Bailey, Therese Bickford, Carol Braun, Maureen Coffin, Toni Cole, Sally Davidson, Kathy Doherty, Susan Donohue, Margaret Elton, Sue Eos, Crystal Fitches, Vickie Fitches, Lisa Gelhar, Betty Gelroth, Lindsey Graham, Mary Hansen, Lee Hauk, Kathy Hayes, Joan Hedges, Nancy Herman, Karen Holdridge, Laura Hudson, Sue Houchens, Cindy Houston, Shirley Ilgen, Jan Ishimoto, Monica Kastman, Eleanor Kindsvater, Danette Kientz, Susie Lewis, Kathy Liss, Marlys Lupien, Sandy McCord, Carol Machier, Peggie Makin,Tami Manspeaker, Nancy Mardick, Rebecca Maybury, Joanne Maypole, Robinn Mitchell, Wendy Moran, Gloria Morgan, Amy Munnell, Cindy Munnell, Christine Navarro, Amy Nye, Trudey Pardee, Tia Perry, Judy Reynolds, Bette Rooney, Mary Anne Scherrer, Lois Schneider, Debbie Sessions, Liz Simmons, Kathy Smith, Brenda Sommer, Lorna Sturgeon, Susan Thayer-Yates, Marcia Swords, Heather Tavel, Mary Alice Vaudrin, Jenifer Vaughn

See you Tuesday,

Gail Barr,