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Skyline E-Communication

Nov 4 , 2001



FIRST TUESDAYS - Sectionals, 6:30 pm

THIRD TUESDAYS - Front Row, 6-7 pm




ADS DUE ! This Tuesday, Nov 6. PLEASE SELL MORE! We need to fill space in the program. Prices are $200/cover; $150 full page; $75 half page; $40 quarter page, $25 business card. Contact Sharon Spalding with any information. 303.986.6371,


"We are still in need of many more if this is to be a "stellar" production. Here are some answers

to the most frequently-asked questions:

1. We'd need your recipes by this Tuesday night, November 6.

2. You may submit up to FIVE recipes, but ONE or TWO is just fine.

3. Your favorite recipes may be from family, friends, or your favorite recipe file/cookbook.

4. You need not have a musical connection in the recipe's title.

5. Give your recipes to Kelly Cowan, Deanna Zerr, or Julie Bailey.

6. We are not taking orders for cookbooks at this time (even though the back of the recipe card has an order form), and we will not know the price of the cookbook until we know the size of the cookbook. Check out the sample cookbooks we'll have at the table Tues. night.

7. It saves our committee a lot of time if you will use the form provided, but we will not reject any typed, photocopied, or emailed recipes from you.

Julie Bailey"



Hahn-oo-kah, hahn-oo-kah, hahg yah fay kohl kah.

Or hah veev, me sah veev, g (Hard g) ee lee yay yed rah.

Hahn-oo-kah, hahn-oo-kah, see vee vohn sohv, sohv

Sohv, sohv, sohv. Sohv, sohv, sohv

mah nah yeem vah tohv.



- Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center Theater on November 11 (Sunday), 2001 at 2:00 p.m. Take I-25 south. Take First Street exit, turn right at the end of the ramp. You will see the Center and parking lot. Bring your own water bottles and snack for between 1st & 2nd sets. We can get in at 12:30.

- Tickets are $10.00 and are available from any Southern Star Chorus member or from the

Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center Box Office, 210 N. Santa Fe Avenue, Pueblo, CO. The box office is open 11a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday (719) 542-1211.

(If we send them a list of our people who want to attend, theyíll hold the tickets at the door.)

- COSTUME: We will need to take red dress, collar, sequin vest, suntan hose, chorus shoes, earrings that go with red dress, stage make-up, all in one. Anyone who isnít going to Pueblo, please PLEASE bring your black sequin vest Tues night with your name in it and loan to someone who doesn't have one.


~Mel will conduct an extra R&B on Nov 13 at 6 pm. (R&B means "review and brush-up" choreography.)

~"Southwest VEST LOST in the vicinity of the Ascot Theater Performance Hall. Last seen on October 2nd as I handed it off to lovely lady in need of one for the zoo performance. My name (running vertically) is printed in ink just under the sleeve; you have to look a little to see it, but please if you borrowed a vest and have not yet returned it, check for me. Obviously I need it for the Pueblo performance.

Plus, I'm pretty sure it wants to come home!" Linn Pickard


~DUES - if you are a TRANSFER FROM ANOTHER CHORUS, you will need to contact your former chorus and ask them to send us the international dues they have escrowed for you. Skyline canít do this. If you want the dues you have already paid to be applied to your International recharter, this is something you have to do yourself. You can get more information from Lurlene Unruh.

Sue Gilbert reminds us that DELINQUENCIES in paying your dues results in loss of good standing (you canít vote and canít perform with the chorus) and, if not corrected, your membership must be terminated. This is not our treasurer being ornery. Thems the rules.



"The cockles of my heart were warmed to see so many of you ready and eager to purchase/check out tickets for "Sounds of the Season". I know that our approach to working with you is a bit different this time, so be patient as we try to handle this section by section. If your section ticket person doesn't make herself available, please let me know. We'll get you the tickets by hook or crook!

Again I remind you that selling will happen for EITHER 30 minutes before rehearsal (6:30) or for 20-30 minutes after. Ask your section contact when she will be available and work around it, please.

Leads: Gail Madison, Jenifer Vaughn, Diane Aarnaes

Bass: Diane Kessel, Sue Gilbert

Baritone: Therese Bickford

Tenor: Jeanne Schamel

FYI, if you use a credit card, make sure you tell us to either run the charge through now or to hold it for you until you can collect your money. If you pay with cash, please have exact amount; the ladies above are not prepared to make change. Personal checks are good, but will be turned in weekly.

Linn Pickard (303-683-5687)"

ROSTER UPDATE regional website: rmr8.orgJONIE BESCOS update. They removed a malignant tumor and 25 adjacent lymph nodes; the lymph nodes were all negative for cancer. Decision on any chemo won't be made until after MRI results.



C-dar Chest: Prevent Disaster!!! What if you could preserve those special things such as pictures, videos, and personal music on CD? I can do that for you!! Lynda Cromar, h-303-680-8540, w- 303-740-1909 Ext. 422 c-720-273-0672.

Wanted: a tenor and a bass. Experienced quartet lead (has competed 11 times at the regional level, high score 515) is looking for a bass and a tenor who would like to compete in the 2002 quartet competition. Please contact Pam Anders ( or 719-527-1826) or Sallie Adams or 719-531-9501 if you are interested. Thanks.

Whenever a Skyline member buys or sells a home through me, I will contribute 20% of my commission to Skyline. (That is $1200 toward our chorus from an average commission of $6000.) Thank you for considering me for your Real Estate needs. Therese Bickford, Metro Brokers, 303.883.2498.


Michelle Barnes is still searching for full-time employment in the communications/marketing field. If you have any job leads or would like a copy of her resume, please contact her at 303-671-6654 or Thanks!!! ___________________________________________


Nov 11 Performance in Pueblo

Nov 13 R&B 6 pm

Nov 16-17 Regional Part Harmony workshop

Dec 1 Skyline Holiday Show

Dec 4 Skyline Holiday Party

~Dec 25 Dark Night (no rehearsal)

~Jan 1 Dark Night (no rehearsal)

Jan 11-12 HOW (regional work-shop in Denver)

Jan 13 Coaching with Jim and Renee, 9-4

Jan 29 Coaching with Renee Norcross

Feb 16 Coaching with Marge Bailey, 9-4

March 22-23 Regional contest

July 17-21 IES

Aug 16-17 RMRU, Estes Park

Sept 21 Coaching with Tori Postma


2003 Regionals - Skyline will host


--Bring $ or credit cards to buy lots and lots of our show tickets. Take flyers to give out.

--Bring WHITE GLOVES to rehearsal

--BRING BLACK VEST TO LOAN if you arent going to Pueblo.

--Bring recipes

--Joyce Steger is collecting pink tops of yogurts for breast cancer.

--MUSIC for the Dec 1st HOLIDAY SHOW will be: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Sleigh Ride, Let It Snow, Silent Night/Night of Silence, Hanukkah Medley, Jingle Bell Rock, 12 Days After Christmas, Peace Peace, The Christmas Song, and maybe 10 Feet Off The Ground.

--DEADLINE for E-COMM items: noon Fridays.

--Bring completed chorus interest SURVEYS to Gail Barr

--Bring $$ for grocery certificates (Doris Hastie) and ;or learning tapes/CDS (Lynda Cromar)

See you Tuesday,

Gail Barr,

PS Still need surveys from LaVone Adams, Nancy Avalon, Julie Bailey, Carol Braun, Maureen Coffin, Toni Cole, Sally Davidson, Kathy Doherty, Margaret Elton, Sue Eos, Crystal Fitches, Vickie Fitches, Lisa Gelhar, Betty Gelroth, Lindsey Graham, Mary Hansen, Lee Hauk, Kathy Hayes, Joan Hedges, Nancy Herman, Karen Holdridge, Laura Hudson, Sue Houchens, Cindy Houston, Shirley Ilgen, Jan Ishimoto, Monica Kastman, Eleanor Kindsvater, Danette Kientz, Susie Lewis, Marlys Lupien, Carol Machier, Peggie Makin,Tami Manspeaker, Nancy Mardick, Rebecca Maybury, Joanne Maypole, Robinn Mitchell, Wendy Moran, Gloria Morgan, Cindy Munnell, Christine Navarro, Trudey Pardee, Tia Perry, Judy Reynolds, Bette Rooney, Mary Anne Scherrer, Debbie Sessions, Liz Simmons, Kathy Smith, Brenda Sommer, Lorna Sturgeon, Susan Thayer-Yates, Marcia Swords, Heather Tavel, Mary Alice Vaudrin, Jenifer Vaughn