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Skyline E-Communication

Nov 9 , 2001



FIRST TUESDAYS - Sectionals, 6:30 pm

THIRD TUESDAYS - Front Row, 6-7 pm




- PLEASE ARRIVE BETWEEN 12:30 and 12:45 pm. Doors open at 12:30. Dressing room space is very limited, so COME WITH MAKE-UP ON AND HAIR DONE.

- SECURITY for your valuables is NOT guaranteed. It is never a good plan to leave a purse or valuables back-stage during a performance. Lock $ in your car trunk, pin it into your underwear, leave it home, or beam it up to Scotty...but donít leave it lying around unless you donít want it any more.

- Bring your own WATER bottles and a snack for between sets if you need one.

- DIRECTIONS: Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center Theater. Take I-25 south. Take First Street exit, turn right at the end of the ramp and youíll see the Center.

- Show starts at 2. Tickets are $10.00. The box office is open 11a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday (719) 542-1211.

- COSTUME: 1st set we will wear red dress, black sequin vest (not the western fringed vest), suntan hose, chorus shoes, earrings that go with red dress, stage make-up, all in one. For the second set, weíll take off the black vest and put on our beaded collars. We only have 15 minutes to make the switch, so be prepared to jump right on it! Also, take a moment to picture all of those black vests quickly being shed backstage...and then picture how hard itís going to be later to figure out which one belongs to you! Be sure your name is in yours!


~ FRONT ROW AUDITIONS Wed., January 9th 6:30 pm. A detailed packet will be distributed on Tues., November 27th

~ Donít know the CHOREO? Donít freak. Mel will conduct extra R&B for the next few weeks: 6 pm, Nov. 13, 20, & 27.

~ HELP NEEDED!!!!!! - Kelly needs some assistance in setting up and putting away the sound equipment for chorus. It is a really EASY job - you just have to be able to lift a little - and come 15 min prior and stay 15 min after chorus to set up and put away. This can be a shared position - 1 to 150 people - all are welcome! We can set up a working shift. Please contact Kelly if you can help. or 303-471-1403.

~ Yes, WE ARE REHEARSING Dec 11 and 18.

~ Next Tues, Nov 13, we rehearse at the Ascot. At that time, directions will be available to the Scottish Rites Masonic Consistory in downtown Denver, where we will be rehearsing on Nov 20 and 27. If for some reason you canít come to rehearsal next Tues, HEADS UP for directions in Nov 16thís ecomm.



regional website:

~Karen Duehr, 8424 E Briarwood Pl, Englewood, CO 80112, 720-529-0451, cell 303-881-7455

~Ginny White, 719-651-1342 home

Nancy Avalon


~Kristen Broom, resigned

~Kathy Smith, on leave

~Patti Fisher, on leave

You may want to send CARDS and good wishes to Patti Fisher, who has health problems, and Kathy Smith, who is chief caregiver for her seriously ill mother.



"Wouldn't it be loverly..." if by this coming Tuesday half of our SKYLINE chorus had made the effort to get tickets??

FYI: There are only 21 of you Tenors; Jeanne Schamel could probably handle all of you this week. She likes to be available after rehearsal, so let her know that you want to hook up with her. I'll be around to help if there is a wild crush. OKAY?

Therese Bickford needs to hear from all 29 Baritones, or at least those of you who haven't already done the deed. She is typically there before rehearsal. If you want, give her a call or e-mail to let her know what you want. She'll work with you.

Leads and Basses have options; there will typically be someone available both before and after rehearsals. You low singing folks need to touch base with Sue Gilbert or Judy Peer (who is standing in for Diane Kessel the next two weeks). Leads can see Diane Aarnaes or Gail Madison early or Jenifer Vaughn after.

Just be mindful: these section contacts have agreed to be there for 30 minutes on either side of rehearsal, whichever best fits their personal schedule. It's your job to hook up with them in that time frame. Also remember, that after this week we will not be at the Ascot for ticket business; it will be handled at the Masonic Hall where we are trying out new things. Might be more convenient for you to take advantage of this week.

THANKS! Linn Pickard


MUSIC: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Sleigh Ride, Let It Snow, Silent Night/Night of Silence, Hanukkah Medley, Jingle Bell Rock, 12 Days After Christmas, Peace Peace, The Christmas Song, and maybe 10 Feet Off The Ground.

We will need SILENT AUCTION items and BAKE SALE goodies.



C-dar Chest: Prevent Disaster!!! What if you could preserve those special things such as pictures, videos, and personal music on CD? I can do that for you!! Lynda Cromar, h-303-680-8540, w- 303-740-1909 Ext. 422 c-720-273-0672.

Wanted: a tenor and a bass. Experienced quartet lead (has competed 11 times at the regional level, high score 515) is looking for a bass and a tenor who would like to compete in the 2002 quartet competition. Please contact Pam Anders ( or 719-527-1826) or Sallie Adams or 719-531-9501 if you are interested. Thanks.

Whenever a Skyline member buys or sells a home through me, I will contribute 20% of my commission to Skyline. (That is $1200 toward our chorus from an average commission of $6000.) Thank you for considering me for your Real Estate needs. Therese Bickford, Metro Brokers, 303.883.2498.



Nov 13 R&B 6pm

Nov 16-17 Regional Part Harmony workshop

Nov 20 R&B 6pm - rehearsal downtown, not at Ascot!

Dec 1 Skyline Holiday Show

Dec 4 Skyline Holiday Party

Dec 11 Rehearsal

Dec 18 Rehearsal

Dec 25 Dark Night (no rehearsal)

Jan 1 Dark Night (no rehearsal)

Jan 9 Front Row auditions

Jan 11-12 HOW (regional work-shop in Denver)

Jan 13 Coaching with Jim and Renee, 9-4

Jan 29 Coaching with Renee Norcross

Feb 16 Coaching with Marge Bailey, 9-4

March 22-23 Regional contest

July 17-21 IES

Aug 16-17 RMRU, Estes Park

Sept 21 Coaching with Tori Postma


2003 Regionals - Skyline will host



"About the Cookbook: WOW! Nearly 200 recipes! Thank-you, everyone! We'll

happily take a few more especially cookies and casseroles (no more lasagne

or chili, thank-you).


1. You need not have a musical connection in the recipe's title.

2. Give your recipes to Kelly Cowan, Deanna Zerr, or Julie Bailey.

3. We are not taking orders for cookbooks at this time (even though the

back of the recipe card has an order form), and we will not know the price

of the cookbook until we know the size of the cookbook.

4. It saves our committee a lot of time if you will use the form

provided, but we will not reject any typed, photocopied, or emailed

recipes from you." Julie Bailey

--Bring lots and lots of money to buy tickets. Take flyers to give out.

--Bring WHITE GLOVES to rehearsal

--Joyce Steger is collecting pink tops of yogurts for breast cancer.

--DEADLINE for E-COMM items: noon Fridays.

--Bring completed chorus interest SURVEYS to Gail Barr

--Bring $$ for grocery certificates (Doris Hastie) and ;or learning tapes/CDs (Lynda Cromar)

Gail Barr,