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Skyline E-Communication

January 27, 2002



Your $20 portion of the regional competition REGISTRATION FEE must be paid by January 29. In other words: RIGHT NOW! Please make checks to Skyline Chorus, write "registration" on the check, and give to Lurlene Unruh. Your registration will not be sent in if your check is not received!

Mel will teach R&B (choreo) at 6:15.

Renee Norcross will do PERFORMANCE COACHING during the last part of rehearsal. If you are new to Skyline: Renee is often credited with making a huge difference in Skylineís level of focus and performance. Vickie feels her directing is greatly enhanced by Reneeís teachings. If you donít feel that Reneeís techniques are a "good fit" for you personally, know that other chorus members really appreciate your willingness to cheerfully cooperate so as not to distract those who are benefiting.



~Elaine Bernarding, 1595 W Hinsdale, Littleton 80120, lead, 303.730.0770 (h), 1.800.261.7463 x80009 (w)

~Jody Cantonwine, 200 Hawthorn, Fredrick, CO 80530, 303.833.1259 (h), 303.272.2893 (w)

~Jackie Earley, 1650 Santa Fe Trail, Elizabeth, CO 80107, bass, 303.646.9627,

~Dolly Mathews, 14826 E 26th Way, Aurora 80011, 303.361.6936

~Gwynne Wilson, 3300 S Tamarac Dr #C103, Denver 80231, 303.361.6270,, tenor

Lavone Adams,

Michelle Barnes, 1148 Washington St., apt. #3, Denver 80203, 303.894.0698

Gail Barr,

Jo Bradshaw, (h), (w)

Josie Robinson,

Bette Rooney, 303.364.7848

Lurlene Unruh,

~Lynn Cameron is now Chapter At Large


Itís time to SIGN UP for ROOMS AT NASHVILLE. Sign up sheets and hotel information will be on a table near the mailboxes. You will NEED: credit card # to guarantee the room, names of those staying in the room, arrival date, departure date, smoking or non/smoking, handicap access yes/no. Since this is for International Competition and a very large number of people are involved, be aware that if you have two people in a room, you may end up with a queen sized bed instead of two beds. (No whining. [Well, okay, you can whine. It just wonít do you any good.]) Contact Joanie Steele if you have questions ( In Nashville, Skyline is scheduled to rehearse on the International risers from 1-3 pm on Tuesday, Nov 3. On Nov 4, we will have a rehearsal and the quartet semi-finals begin. Thurs. at 11 am, chorus semifinals begin - this is where we qualify for the top 10! Quartet finals are Friday. Chorus finals are Saturday. Return home Sunday. You can go to for more information.

RAISING FUNDS for SPECIAL PROJECTS. Your management team would like to remind you that any project to raise funds in the name of the chorus needs to be approved by management team. Also, any funds received in the name of the chorus must be channeled through our financial manager. Weíve got to keep clean records for our audits! (Your bookkeepers thank you, Uncle Sam thanks you, SAI thanks youÖÖ)

We need RAFFLE ITEMS for our booth at regional. Three baskets will be raffled - each having a different theme. So, please bring items to go with these themes and give them to Liz Simmons: *Chocolate*; *Romance*; *Garden*

CHANGE IN ANNOUNCEMENTS POLICY: In answer to complaints from chorus members on the amount of time taken for announcements, management team is responding as follows: Ecomm and/or Hot Sheet should be used for announcements. If something is posted in the E-Comm and/or Hot Sheet, it will not be repeated in front of the chorus. Exceptions can be made for topics dealing with competitions, shows, etc.

SINGING VALENTINE VOLUNTEERS: "You are the greatest! How wonderful that so many members stepped forward this year! We should now have enough quartets during the day of the 14th to avoid turning down orders. This project is on its way to becoming a very important fundraiser for Skyline. NOW THEN: Letís all post flyers (nail/hair salons, at work, etc.) and sell, sell, sell!!! Take order forms. Send one to your sweetie, child, parent, best friend, teacher, child's classroom, leave a flyer in some convenient place where your sweetie will be sure to find the hint and send one to YOU!!! (Roses die, you know!!! And Tootsie Roll Pops are WAY less calories than that Godiva stuff!!! Really!) Give a flyer to your dad and let him know what a great gift it would be for your mom! The price is $40 and includes one song, a small gift card and a Valentine gift bag containing a Tootsie Roll Pop Bouquet." Peggie Watson

We have HANDICAP ACCESS at the consistory. Come up the ramp to the glass doors, and use the elevator.

COSTUME UPDATE: If you bought half-boots to wear in the second set, great! If you didnít, thatís fine, too. Costuming plans now call for some of us to wear them and some of us to wear other kinds of shoes. So, if you donít have half boots, you can be in "other kinds".

ILENE MCMAHONís daughters are honoring her 75th birthday (January 18th) with an open house on Saturday, February 2nd 4-7pm in the "Kivas" condo party room, 3675 S. Cherokee Street, Englewood. We are ALL INVITED. Ilene requests no gifts except your presence. Any cards or acknowledgments can be sent to her address in the roster. You can RSVP to Jackie at 303-841-5612, and contact her if you need directions/map.

"Skyline AFFIRMATIONS... they're back! What's a Skyline Affirmation? A short and positive message about a cherished value (such as vision, passion, friendship, courage, determination, etc.) delivered to the chorus by individual members (Why not you?). It could be a famous quotation, a short poem, or an inspiring prose paragraph you know all of us would benefit from hearing. Affirmations will begin on Feb. 12 as a once-a-month event and continue through this fall when we will offer them more frequently. If you would like to present an affirmation to the chorus sometime in the next 9 months (it should be no more than three minutes long), pick up the information sheet at chorus and sign up on the clipboard. If you would like to recommend someone to present one, please give her name to Julie Bailey, our volunteer coordinator for affirmations." Julie



Jan 29 R&B 6:15

Coaching with Renee Norcross

Feb 13, 14 Deliver Singing Valentines

Feb 16 Coaching with Marge Bailey, 9-4

Feb 26 Deadline for passing tapes on March competition music

March 16 Dress Rehearsal

March 22-23 Regional contest

April 15 MONDAY performance for Consistory

May 11 Skyline Mothers' Day show

July 17-21 IES

Aug 16-17 RMRU, Estes Park

Sept 21 Coaching with Tori Postma



BY-LAWS trivia (thanks to Sue Gilbert):  Did you know we have many different kinds of membership options?

-International Membership offers regular membership (age 26 and over); youth membership (age 25 and under); lifetime membership (a one time $1000 per capita fee); dual membership (concurrent membership in 2 chorus in 2 different Regions); and Chapter at Large (membership in Sweet Adelines without being affiliated with a chorus).

-Regional Memberships include regular membership (age 26 and over) and youth membership (age 25 and under).

-Chorus Membership options include regular membership (age 26 and over); youth membership (age 25 and under); and Associate membership (has all the privileges of active membership EXCEPT competing and performing).



SONGS we need TO TAPE/PASS by Feb 26 are: Georgia, Red Hot Mama, Old Lange Syne, 10 Feet Off the Ground, and If You Love Me. These must be passed with the new changes and additions.

See Nancy Mardick to purchase a rhinestone SKYLINE PIN. They are $16.50.

Ms. Behaviní wants to purchase old GOLD CHORUS SHOES, size 8, 8 1/2, or 9. See Monica Kastman, Sue Brown, or Heather Tavel, or call Heather (303-805-5270).

Skyline COOKBOOK order forms are available. If you donít see them on the table, ask Julie Bailey.

Marie Reynolds is collecting school supplies or donations for a kindergarten in Gambia.

Penny Sputh is collecting well wishes to be sent to the NY Firefighters at ground zero. (cards and letters, poems, etc.)

Vocal Edge needs people to man the raffle booth at regional competition. If you can help, please contact Liz Simmons, Sandy Morrison, Karen Duehr or Marie Reynolds.

In consideration of our members who have allergies, please DO NOT WEAR any kind of FRAGRANCES on the risers. (hair sprays, body oils, etc.)

FINAL CALL to register your friends/family for NASHVILLE before prices go up. For noncompeting SAI members, registration is $100. Non-members are $115. Give their names and a check (made out to Skyline) for registration fees to Lurlene Unruh. If they are Sweet Adelines, please include their member numbers. Be sure to write on the check what the $ is for, or it will be applied to your dues!

See Gloria Lasater for a WARM UP Vocal Lesson. Tapes ($5) or CD ($10.00). All proceeds go to Skyline.

Doris Hastie has GROCERY CERTIFICATES: a GREAT chorus fundraiser!


C-dar Chest: Prevent Disaster!!! What if you could preserve those special things such as pictures, videos, and personal music on CD? I can do that for you!! Lynda Cromar, h-303-680-8540

Whenever a Skyline member buys or sells a home through me, I will contribute 20% of my commission to Skyline. (That is $1200 toward our chorus from an average commission of $6000.) Thank you for considering me for your Real Estate needs. Therese Bickford, Metro Brokers, 303.883.2498.

High Point Furnishings offers all kinds of furniture in all price ranges that is hands-down, the most value for your dollar. If you need a piece of furniture of any kind, give Danette Kientz a call. The chorus benefits from any sale resulting from this ad! 303-662-0253 or visit our web site at!

Your ad can be here for $1 or $3 per month.


To have information published in ecomm, please get it to me by noon Friday. Thanks!

If you are not getting the weekly chorus email newsletters (ecomm) and you would like to receive them, please lob me your email address to be added to the list. If you want to be taken off the ecomm list, just let me know.

PLEASE NOTE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS CHANGE. Iíll only be picking up mail at the old msn address for one more week.

Gail Barr,