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Skyline E-Communication

Feb 15, 2002


~LOCATION CHANGE for THIS SATURDAYís COACHING: We will be at the Doubletree, 13696 E. Iliff Place, Aurora. Itís just west of Iliff and I-225, on the south side of Iliff. (Itís where the HOW was held.) Kelly just found out this morning that the Consistory was not going to work and has been doing a mad scramble to find another place, get risers moved, etc. Please let Kelly know you appreciate the time and effort she puts in for us!

That was the Urgent, Panicky part of your ecomm. The usual newsy stuff follows now:


We are still having COACHING with Marge Bailey THIS SATURDAY, Feb 16, 9 - 4. The only change is that we will be at the Doubletree instead of downtown. The hotel will not be furnishing water for the room, so be sure to bring your own.

A quick review of COACHING ETIQUETTE: Please give Marge your complete attention when she is addressing the chorus; do NOT ask questions or make suggestions; DO expect Vickie to go along with Margeís suggestions, whether she likes them or not. (This is a courtesy to the coach. Vickie will decide later which suggestions will work well for us.)

You are encouraged to wear your SECTION SHIRTS. Lead, red; bass, green; tenor, light blue; baritone, yellow. If you are new and don't have a shirt , you can just wear one of these colors (this is not mandatory at all - itís just fun). If you would like to order a section shirt - please contact Liz Simmons at 303-683-9852.

Chorus funds are used to bring in professional coaches like Marge and we want everyone to take advantage of these coaching opportunities. Guests are welcome. If, for any reason, you cannot attend a coaching, please notify Blair Krehn IN ADVANCE (303.933.9165,



~Diane Elting,

~Amy Nye, work (303)372-2074.
~Ginny White, 719-651-1342

~Janet Young,

Gwynne Wilsonís correct phone number is 303-369-6270

Eleanor Kindsvater, home 303.200.9806, cell 303.929.5202. Eleanor is out of state until the first of March

Kristine Lardie, 1420 E Girard Pl, #432, Englewood 80110, 303.783.2242, lead,

Kathy Smith, 5087 S. Mabre Ct., Littleton, 80123, 303-794-1103, cell 720-299-1777


~TAPE LISTENERS - please remember to "report your listening results" to your trackers. TRACKERS - please remember to email or call Pam Howell with those results.

~"We need help on the May 11th show. If interested at all - please contact Kelly Cowan at 303-471-1403 or Thanks!!"

~"HELP is NEEDEDat REHEARSALS. Consistant assistance is needed with the sound system and clean up of the Consistory at rehearsals. PLEASE donate some time - and really little effort to helping. Contact Kelly Cowan at 303-471-1403 or email THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who have helped in the past month. I need more help!!"

*IMPORTANT * Dues Must be paid up THROUGH MARCH in order to compete.


~"HEADS UP, LADIES!! Here's the scoop on TICKETS for the MOTHERíS DAY SHOW to be held Saturday evening, May 11. There will be only ONE performance. It will be preceded by a sit down dinner served in the space where we hold practices now. The performance will be upstairs. Seating for dinner must be limited to 326; there will be 39 tables, seating 8/table with one long table seating 14. "Show Only" seating will be 226, indicating a SOLD OUT show at 552. Yes, the auditorium has seating for 600, but it has been determined that 48-50 seats do not offer good enough "line of sight" for us to use them, so we have only the 552 seats to sell. Very "doable," don't you agree?

TICKET PRICES have been set: RED tickets are the general combo dinner/show at $35. WHITE tickets are the combo dinner/show for seniors (60 and older) and children (12 and under). BLUE tickets are show only at $20 regardless of age. The tickets will all be printed with a simple map on the back and will have a perforated section to be filled in with purchaser's name & address, phone # and e-mail address. This will be torn off at the door for admission purposes and will serve as stubs for door prize drawings and as a way for Skyline to start a new/updated mailing list. Nifty, huh?

At this time, we anticipate having the tickets for sale by Tuesday, MARCH 12. Sales will be cut off by MAY 7 (if we haven't already sold out by then) in order to finalize meal plans. PLEASE understand we must keep close tabs on all tickets sales so as to NOT oversell. Because of this, all tickets must be paid for as you take them; for this show, we will NOT HOLD credit cards to be charged later. If you use a credit card, it will be charged immediately and you will be responsible for selling whatever tickets you take or you'll be buying them yourself! For this reason, you may want to know for whom you are getting the tickets. We basically consider this a RESERVATIONS ONLY show! And it will definitely be worth it!!

Flyers will be available by March 5. Each of us will be given 2-3 flyers to get out to the public. DO YOUR PART. Both Karen Hunter and I will have our phone numbers on the flyer and will take phone orders. I will be the chorus member contact person, so come to me or make reservations with me as soon as the tickets are available to you. If I begin to get crazy, a couple of special people have offered to help me out. (THANKS!) I will do my best to keep us all apprised of numbers so we know how the sales are coming on a weekly basis. If you have questions, e-mail me or ask next Tuesday at rehearsal.

HUGS, KISSES & KUDOS in advance!" Linn Pickard


~ "Were you raised on BBS? Were you a brat? Did you get hooked from either your mother or dad singing BBS? If so, please share your story with Theresa Trollinger. She will compile and publish for the next PO8 issue. Your article must be submitted by Monday February 18th to make this Spring deadline."

Diane Kessel still needs 3 LAMPS for the judgeís tables at competition. Can you help?

~Sue McCormick LOST a long black fringed knit SCARF with orange/red at both ends at the Consistory after rehearsal on the 5th. Please contact Sue if youíve seen it. Thanks.

COMPETITION INFO SESSION for new members Wed, Feb 20, 7 pm at Koebel Library at 5955 S Holly (SW corner of Orchard & Holly). Please let Janet or Josie know if you will be attending.

ARE YOU "IT"? We need candidates for the elected (2 year) positions of Special Events Manager; Financial Manager; Music Manager; and for the appointed (1 year) positions of Team Manager, Visual Manager, and Education Manager. To be considered for a Team Management position, a member MUST be in good standing (all financial obligations must be current) and she should have been a member (in good standing) of our chorus for at least one year.

WILL YOU HAVE A ROOM AT NASHVILLE? Nope. Not if your name isnít on the list. Better get signed up quick! The lists are on the table near the mailboxes. Required information is: credit card # to guarantee the room, names of those staying in the room, arrival date, departure date, smoking or non/smoking, handicap access yes/no. Contact Joanie Steele if you have questions ( In Nashville, Skyline rehearses on the International risers from 1-3 pm on Tuesday, Nov 5. On Nov 6, Skyline rehearsal and quartet semi-finals. Nov 7. at 11 am, chorus semifinals. Quartet finals are Friday. Chorus finals are Saturday, Nov 9. Return home Sunday.

We need RAFFLE ITEMS for our booth at regional. Three baskets will be raffled - each having a different theme. So, please bring items to go with these themes and give them to Liz Simmons: *Chocolate*; *Romance*; *Garden*

TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO PASS SONGS. We need to pass tapes on Georgia, Red Hot Mama, Old Lange Syne, 10 Feet Off the Ground, and If You Love Me by Feb 26.

Can you take a turn at our RAFFLE BOOTH at regional competition? If you can, please contact Liz Simmons, Sandy Morrison, Karen Duehr or Marie Reynolds.

Are your EARRINGS read for CO SPRINGS? Please check. If you have any extras to return or yours need repair, please contact Shirley Ilgen.

GOLD SHOES: Do you have gold ĎConniesí in size 7 and 8? If so, please see Monica Kastman, Sue Brown, or Heather Tavel.

Pam Howell still has APRONS for sale. They are great for holding your tape recorder, music, pen/pencil. Only $5.

See Nancy Mardick to purchase a rhinestone SKYLINE PIN. They are $16.50.

In consideration of our members who have allergies, please DO NOT WEAR any kind of FRAGRANCES on the risers. (hair sprays, body oils, etc.)

Register your friends/family for NASHVILLE by March 1 (last date to add new guests and have them seated with us). Prices went up Feb 1, so make a check out to Skyline for $125 per person and give check + guest names to Lurlene Unruh. Be sure to write on the check what the $ is for, or it will be applied to your dues.

See Gloria Lasater for a WARM UP Vocal Lesson. Tapes ($5) or CD ($10.00). All proceeds go to Skyline. Please let her know in advance:

Please buy KING SOOPERS gift certificates from Doris Hastie. The chorus gets a % of the sales at no cost to you, and they spend just like cash. Never used them? Ask Doris for details.


"From the bottom of Skyline's heart, a HUGE Thank You to all who volunteered to deliver Singing Valentines this year. I'll have the bottom line on how much you helped to put into the Skyline coffers next Tuesday at rehearsal. We realize that most Skyliners have commitments that prevent you from being able to participate in this fun event, so perhaps all those who managed to get out there and deliver a Singing Valentine will give a hug to anyone whose name isn't on the list. And share with them (at break, of course!) all those heart-warming and humorous stories about your experiences this year! To all those who managed to find time to rehearse together and deliver a Valentine to those unsuspecting "targets," thanks for your devotion to Skyline. Let's give an extra hug to anyone with an asterisk by their name -- they took time off work (those prescious vacation days!!) to help make our Singing Valentine Fund Raiser such a great success this year! *Sue Brown, *Rosemary Baltensberger, *Michelle Barnes, *Tonya Benton, Erin Bright, Kelly Cowan, Lynda Cromar, *Gayla Darrah, Juliet Diana, *Susan Donohue, *Karen Duehr, Jackie Earley, Paige Faubion, Cindy Griffith, Doris Hastie, *Cindy Houston, Tamara Jarrett, *Monica Kastman, *Danette Keintz, *Blair Krehn, *Lisa King, Susie Lovin, *Tiffany Malys, Tami Manspeaker, Nancy Mardick, Becky Maybury, *Vickie Maybury, *Sue McCormick, *Chris Morlan, Sandy Morrison, *Cindy Munnell, Amy Nye, Marie Reynolds, Josie Robinson, Vivian Shortino, Liz Simmons, Sharon Spalding, Joanie Steele, Lorna Sturgeon, *Heather Tavel, Bridget Venne, Peggie Watson, Janet Young and *Deanna Zerr. Also, if you missed seeing Special Effects (Channel 4) and Ms. Behavin' (Channel 9) on the 4 or 5 PM news on Monday, 2/11, WOW!!! What a great way to promote Skyline and get some free publicity for Singing Valentines!! A BIG THANKS to Diane Page for making all the arrangements!!! Special Effects got a bonus moment of fame when Channel 4's Tom Mustin interviewed Kim Andrews for a story on how the new security measures have affected making deliveries. That was on the 5 o'clock news on Wednesday, the 13th........."Peggie Watson


Feb 16 Coaching with Marge Bailey, 9-4

Feb 19 Front Row, 6-7

Feb 20 New Member competition information session, Koebel Library, 7 pm

Feb 26 Deadline for passing tapes on March competition music

March 16 Dress Rehearsal

March 22-23 Regional contest

April 15 MONDAY performance for Consistory

May 11 Skyline Mothers' Day show

May 14 Awards and Recognition night

May 17-18 Regional Education, Grand Junction

June 7-8 Regional Education, Sterling

July 17-21 International Education Symposium

Aug 16-17 Regional Education (RMRU) Estes Park

Sept 21 Coaching with Tori Postma


2003 Regionals - Skyline will host


You may have areas in your home or office that could use a little design refresher. If you think a little professional advice is needed, give me a call & I will be happy to come to your home & discuss solutions with you. I am having a sale on duettes by Hunter Douglas. Kathy Liss (303)374-2093

Whenever a Skyline member buys or sells a home through me, I will contribute 20% of my commission to Skyline. (That is $1200 toward our chorus from an average commission of $6000.) Thank you for considering me for your Real Estate needs. Therese Bickford, Metro Brokers, 303.883.2498.

C-dar Chest: Prevent Disaster!!! What if you could preserve those special things such as pictures, videos, and personal music on CD? I can do that for you!! Lynda Cromar, h-303-680-8540.

High Point Furnishings offers all kinds of furniture in all price ranges that is hands-down, the most value for your dollar. If you need a piece of furniture of any kind, give Danette Kientz a call. The chorus benefits from any sale resulting from this ad! 303-662-0253 or visit our web site at!

Your ad can be here for $1 or $3 per month.


If you want information published in ecomm, please get it to me by noon Friday. Thanks.

SUVIVING ECOMMS: You are responsible for getting the info in the ecomms and/or Hot Sheet. Thereís just too much information to be giving it out at rehearsals, and this way you can read it at your convenience. Some tips for wading through all the stuff: New information will be introduced with a ~, so look for that funny little ~ dohicky as an indication of "must read" material. Information about immediately upcoming events and the next rehearsal will be at the first of the ecomm, followed by roster updates. [Please be sure to record roster updates each week; they are only published twice and there have been so many lately itís really hard to keep up! Sometimes people do need to reach you urgently (as when our coaching locations are changed at the last minute), so please also be timely about sending in phone/email/address changes so your section leaders can update their information.] Other topics are highlighted by capital letters, so you can scroll quickly down through the ecomm and stop on topics of interest to you. If you want to print out the ecomm but think itís too long, itís easy to print only certain sections. Ask someone familiar with computers to tell you how itís done.

Gail Barr,

PS: From Julie Bailey: If you missed chorus last Tuesday night, you missed our first AFFIRMATION delivered by Special Effects. If you have their CD, you can listen to this; if not, the lyrics appear below. They are a fine reminder of why we sing with Skyline. Each of us comes to chorus every Tuesday for a variety of reasons, primarily for the uplifting power of music and friendship. Many of us arrive having had a wonderful day, and rehearsal is just frosting on the cake. Other times, however, we need human reassurance to endure a major difficulty life has thrust in our path, and sometimes, we just need to heal from the small hurts of the day. The compassion (spoken or unspoken) we receive from each other can be seen and felt in the words, the faces, and the eyes of our fellow chorus members.

"A fervent prayer rose out of heaven. . . a fragile soul was losing ground. Sorting through the earthly babble, Heaven heard the sound. This was a life of no distinction, no successes, only tries, yet gazing down on this unlovely one, there was love in heaven's eyes. In Heaven's eyes, there are no losers. . . no hopeless cause, only people like you with feelings like me, amazed by the grace we can find . . . in Heaven's eyes. The orphan child, the wayward father, the homeless traveler in the rain when life goes by and no one bothers, heaven feels the pain. Looking down, God sees each heartache, knows each sorrow, hears each cry, and looking up, we see the compassion's fire ablaze in Heaven's eyes. In Heaven's eyes, there are no losers. . . no hopeless cause. There's only only people like you with feelings like me and we're amazed by the grace we can find . . . in Heaven's eyes." (Words and music by Phill McHugh)