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Skyline E-Communication

Feb 9, 2002

All DUES must be PAID up THROUGH MARCH in order to compete. This is not optional. Region 8 and Sweet Adelines International would get very cranky with us if we included an ineligible member at competition.

CREATIVE TEAM for May 11 Show will meet Tues 12th, 6pm. Please bring in what youíve done so far for the show to discuss with the committee.

"This Tuesday at 6:00 pm, there will be an EXTRA R&B for 10 FEET and MAMA. Everyone is welcome, but this session will be especially designed for our newest members who may have missed the initial teaching of choreo on these 2 songs. We'll be teaching and demonstrating both songs from the beginning! Feel free to bring your music, wordsheets or videocameras to create an individual learning tool to practice with, if you'd like. We'll start at 6:00 SHARP!" Kim Andrews

Upcoming REGIONAL EDUCATION EVENTS include Grand Junction, May 17-18; Sterling, June 7-8, and Aug 16-17 in Estes Park, with Dr. Greg Lyne and Marcia Massey, faculty. So, mark your calendars. Amy Munnell will be getting more detailed information.

Peggie Watson reports: "SPECIAL EFFECTS will be delivering a singing valentine to Larry Green at Channel 4 at 1:30 on Monday. He plans to film it and, barring any more important news item (Osama Captured!), we should be featured on the 4 o'clock news (and possibly the other later shows as well) on Monday. Iím trying to arrange a delivery to Jim Benemann at Channel 9 on Monday, too. Thanks to Diane Page for arranging these for free Skyline publicity! What a gal!"

TICKETS to our MOTHERíS DAY SHOW will be available the first of April. We will have room for only 329 at the dinner. Cindy Munnell will supply details later.

Please PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR TAPE RECORDER. Many recorders are being left at rehearsal and we donít know who their mommies are. (Why not just stick on one of your return-address mail stickers?) If you are missing your recorder, please see Liz Simmons.

Are your EARRINGS ready for CO SPRINGS? Please check on them, and let Shirley Ilgen know if you have any extras to return or if any need repair. If the backs have come off, Shirley can glue them back on.

Our hearts go out to BETTE ROONEY, whose son died in an avalanche while skiing in southern Colorado;

and former Skyline member KAREN GREER, who's mother passed away after a long bout with cancer. You can contact Karen at 16788 Clayton Road, Wildwood, MO 63011

GINNY WHITE wants everyone to know she is okay. She has been diagnosed with arhythmia and is seeing a cardiologist. She says thanks for your concern. Sheís resting at home if youíd like to call or email her.



~Gwynne Wilsonís correct phone number is 303-369-6270

~Eleanor Kindsvater, home 303.200.9806, cell 303.929.5202. Eleanor is out of state until the first of March

Kristine Lardie, 1420 E Girard Pl, #432, Englewood 80110, 303.783.2242, lead,

~Judy Reynolds is on leave; she is serving as interem director of Top of the Peak chorus.

~Kathy Smith, 5087 S. Mabre Ct., Littleton, 80123, 303-794-1103, cell 720-299-1777

Allison Shapiro, 1780 Washington St. #204, Denver 80203, 720.570.1000 H,, baritone

Debra Shoemaker,

Erin Bright, 28345 Shadow Mountain Drive, Conifer, 303.838.1160, lead,

Gloria Lasater,

Carol Machier,

Deanna Zerr,

Have I missed you? If your roster info hasnít been published here or if you have updates, please email me at Have you missed anyone? Please record all updates in your roster as soon as you see them! Thanks.



FIRST TUESDAYS - Sectionals, 6:30 pm

THIRD TUESDAYS - Front Row, 6-7 pm


Feb 12 R&B at 6:00 pm

Feb 16 Coaching with Marge Bailey, 9-4

Feb 20 New Member competition information session, Koebel Library, 7 pm

Feb 26 Deadline for passing tapes on March competition music

March 16 Dress Rehearsal

March 22-23 Regional contest

April 15 MONDAY performance for Consistory

May 11 Skyline Mothers' Day show

May 17-18 Regional Education, Grand Junction

June 7-8 Regional Education, Sterling

July 17-21 IES

Aug 16-17 Regional Education (RMRU) Estes Park

Sept 21 Coaching with Tori Postma


2003 Regionals - Skyline will host



We need RAFFLE ITEMS for our booth at regional. Three baskets will be raffled - each having a different theme. So, please bring items to go with these themes and give them to Liz Simmons: *Chocolate*; *Romance*; *Garden*

COMPETITION INFORMATION SESSION for new members Wed, Feb 20, 7 pm at Koebel Library at 5955 S Holly (SW corner of Orchard & Holly). Please let Janet or Josie know if you will be attending.

Are you thinking about ELECTIONS? We need candidates for the elected (2 year) positions of Special Events Manager; Financial Manager; Music Manager; and for the appointed (1 year) positions of Team Manager, Visual Manager, and Education Manager. To be considered for a Team Management position, a member must be in good standing (all financial obligations must be current) and she should have been a member in good standing of our chorus for at least one year.

SIGN UP for ROOMS AT NASHVILLE. You will NEED: credit card # to guarantee the room, names of those staying in the room, arrival date, departure date, smoking or non/smoking, handicap access yes/no. Contact Joanie Steele if you have questions ( In Nashville, Skyline rehearses on the International risers from 1-3 pm on Tuesday, Nov 5. On Nov 6, Skyline rehearsal and quartet semi-finals. Nov 7. at 11 am, chorus semifinals. Quartet finals are Friday. Chorus finals are Saturday, Nov 9. Return home Sunday.

SONGS we need TO TAPE/PASS by Feb 26 are: Georgia, Red Hot Mama, Old Lange Syne, 10 Feet Off the Ground, and If You Love Me.

See Nancy Mardick to purchase a rhinestone SKYLINE PIN. They are $16.50.

Vocal Edge needs people to man the raffle booth at regional competition. If you can help, please contact Liz Simmons, Sandy Morrison, Karen Duehr or Marie Reynolds.

In consideration of our members who have allergies, please DO NOT WEAR any kind of FRAGRANCES on the risers. (hair sprays, body oils, etc.)

Register your friends/family for NASHVILLE by March 1 (last date to add new guests and have them seated with us). Prices went up Feb 1, so make a check out to Skyline for $125 per person and give check + guest names to Lurlene Unruh. Be sure to write on the check what the $ is for, or it will be applied to your dues.

See Gloria Lasater for a WARM UP Vocal Lesson. Tapes ($5) or CD ($10.00). All proceeds go to Skyline. Please let her know in advance:



You may have areas in your home or office that could use a little design refresher. If you think a little professional advice is needed, give me a call & I will be happy to come to your home & discuss solutions with you. I am having a sale on duettes by Hunter Douglas. Kathy Liss (303)374-2093

Whenever a Skyline member buys or sells a home through me, I will contribute 20% of my commission to Skyline. (That is $1200 toward our chorus from an average commission of $6000.) Thank you for considering me for your Real Estate needs. Therese Bickford, Metro Brokers, 303.883.2498.

C-dar Chest: Prevent Disaster!!! What if you could preserve those special things such as pictures, videos, and personal music on CD? I can do that for you!! Lynda Cromar, h-303-680-8540

High Point Furnishings offers all kinds of furniture in all price ranges that is hands-down, the most value for your dollar. If you need a piece of furniture of any kind, give Danette Kientz a call. The chorus benefits from any sale resulting from this ad! 303-662-0253 or visit our web site at!

Your ad can be here for $1 or $3 per month.


If you want information published in ecomm, please get it to me by noon Friday. Thanks.

Gail Barr,